Research Panel Semantic-Syntactic Interface: Universality and Specificity

The research panel “Semantic-Syntactic Interface: Universality and Specificity” will be held on May 9, 2023 from 13:00 until 15:00 in Conference Hall 1 (Sofia University, Main Building) within the International Scientific Conference “Unity and Division in Languages, Literatures and Cultures” (9 – 11 May, 2023, Sofia).

The panel examines the semantic and syntactic properties of Bulgarian verb classes, placing them in the context of the semantic description for other languages (Slavic, Balkan and European). More specifically, the main comparison will be between the description of the predicate-argument structure of Bulgarian verb classes as presented by their conceptual frames and the comparison with the representation of the corresponding English verb classes in FrameNet semantic frames.

The focus is on the Bulgarian language, and the analysis will shed light on various issues related to semantic and syntactic description, valence, acquisition of verb semantics by children and other general and specific issues related to the semantics and syntax of the Bulgarian language. The presented studies propose an integration of conceptual and lexical information with information about the syntactic structures in which selected lexical items or their classes participate.

Our expectation is that the reported results will contribute not only to the description of the semantic and syntactic structure of the Bulgarian language, but also to a wider cross-linguistic comparison highlighting universal and language specific features, and thus will raise interest among a wide range of scientists.

➥ Programme

The Panel presents results obtained as part of the project Enriching the Semantic Network WordNet with Conceptual Frames, КП-06-Н 50/1, 30.11., 2020 – 2023, funded by the National Science Fund.

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