The Department of Computational Linguistics at the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences offers a wide range of services both for academics, as well as the general public (academic and industrial):


  • lectures, courses, consultations, cooperation;
  • support and computing solutions for scientific research in Humantities;
  • language technologies and computing solutions for the digital society;
  • software development and software components (outsourcing), etc.

Services cover the following areas:


  • machine translation methods and tools;
  • language technologies for creating and enriching ontologies;
  • editing tools (spellcheck, grammar and punctuation check, synonym and paraphrase suggestions);
  • methods and tools for text categorisation and annotation of documents;
  • methods and tools for searching and information extraction;
  • language technologies for data analysis and extraction of relations, trends, etc.;
  • computer tools for language education;
  • research-oriented supporting tools.


Our work in relation to these services applies all available resources and tools of the Department, which are results of previous international and national research projects. The specific task may require the compilation of new language resources and tools on any of the OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Synbian OS, Palm X, Pocket PC.


The policy of the Department is to offer most of the services free of charge.


For more information, please contact prof. Svetla Koeva (Head of the Department).

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