The Department of Computational Linguistics carries out theoretical and applied research in the field of natural language processing (NLP). The main directions of scientific study cover:


  • theoretical problems of the formal description of natural languages,
  • morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis,
  • electronic dictionaries,
  • ontologies and semantic relations,
  • corpus linguistics,
  • document categorisation and annotation,
  • information extraction and information retrieval,
  • part-of-speech, syntactic, and word sense disambiguation,
  • machine translation,
  • etc.

Our current research priorities are oriented towards automatic word-sense disambiguation and the problems of machine translation.

DCL has at its disposal large coverage language resources – dictionaries, lexical-semantic data bases, corpora, as well as highly-performing computer applications for language data processing.

The Department of Computational Linguistics has attracted highly-qualified young professionals from different fields of knowledge – linguists, computer scientists, mathematicians, logicians. The interdisciplinary research carried out at DCL has brought about the establishment of a continuous cooperation with leading professionals working in different scientific fields.

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