CL Competition Prize Giving and Public Lecture

Prize giving ceremony for the Fifth Competition in Computational Linguistics 2023. The ceremony took place on 19th May 2023 at the House of Europe in Sofia. Mr Bogomil Kovachev presented a lecture on the topic AI@DGT.


Artificial intelligence is entering more and more areas of life, especially in the field of information and languages. European institutions are keeping up with the trends and benefiting from the advances in technology.

How does the European Commission’s Directorate General for Translations develop applications and use neural networks and artificial intelligence in its work? What are they used for? For example, what happens if we compare the results of the applications trained at the Commission to the results of ChatGPT? Bogomil Kovachev, who participates in research and development related to artificial intelligence in the field of translation in the EC, tells us about this.

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