Bulgarian FrameNet: current state and future prospects (seminar)

Seminar: Bulgarian FrameNet: current state and future prospects. The seminar is part of the Global FrameNet Tuesdays series which is a continuation of the International FrameNet Workshop 2020.

Date: October 4th, 2022

Abstract: The talk covers: (a) identification of Bulgarian verbs that evoke a particular FrameNet semantic frame; (b) language specific data encoded to describe the Bulgarian verbs (mainly, values of grammatical categories and grammatical roles); c) mapping with the FrameNet semantic frames: equivalence (occurs when the lexical units in the two languages are translation equivalents and the semantic frame accurately represents the semantics of the Bulgarian verb); transfer (applies when the lexical unit is included only in the Bulgarian FrameNet, and the semantic frame is assigned based on an inheritance relation); modification (when an adaptation of a semantic frame is required to comply with the Bulgarian data) and creation of new semantic frames; and d) linking the core frame elements with nouns’ semantic classes or a combination of classes ensuring the expression of verb-noun syntagmatic relations. BulFrame, a web-based system designed for creating, editing, validating and viewing semantic frames, is also presented. Data from the Bulgarian FrameNet will be used in future studies for semantic role labelling tasks.

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