The creation of the Structured corpus with Bulgarian printed editions published in the period 1945 until 2009, which is part of The Bulgarian National Corpus, is partially financed by The National Science Fund, project ОХН 1512/2005.


In the period 01/02/2011-31/01/2013 the work on the Bulgarian National Corpus was supported as part of the project Cesar, Grant agreement No271022 of the ICT Policy Support Programme.


The research team of The Bulgarian National Corpus is open towards collaboration е with organisations and people who can contribute to the enrichment and the development of the Corpus.


The team express its gratitude to the following publishers and authors, who have kindly provided texts for inclusion in The Corpus:


1. The editorial board of „24 chasa” newspaper

2. „Regalia” Publishing House

3. „Zlatnata yabalka” Publishing House and Mr. Stoyan Valev

4. Mr. Boris Minchev

among others.