Terms and conditions for access to the Bulgarian National Corpus

As for the public access to the BulNC, we fully comply with Bulgarian and EU legislation concerning copyright and related rights. The law permits the use of copyrighted material for purposes of non-commercial scientific research and for education or private study. Where possible, we extract and store information about the source and the author’s name and cite it accordingly. All uses of the corpus should comply with the Copyright Law, as well as to the specific requirements posed by the authors or the publishers of the texts, included in the BulNC.

General terms and conditions

Your access to the BulNC is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The access is free for non-comercial purposes – scientific research, education, etc.
  • The right for access is personal and cannot be reassigned to other people.
  • The uses of the BulNC should comply fully with the Copyright Law.
  • When using data from the BulNC in publications, dictionaries, etc. it is obligatory to cite the BulNC as the data source. It is obligatory to include also information on the work from which the example was excerpted.
  • Whenever possible, to provide bibliographic details of publications where the BulNC have been cited, to the administrator (
  • The administrator can terminate the access to the BulNC whenever deemed necessary and without prior notice.
  • Due to the inclusion of copyrighted material, the BulNC is not downloadable in full. For several style-specific subcorpora no redistribution limitations are in force, and these are available for download. The Institute for Bulgarian Language is the copyright holder of the BulNC as a structured collection of textual material – both in raw and annotated form. Any subcorpora that have been released for download are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.