The previous edition of the Conference, CLIB 2016, was announced:

➥ in the House of Europe’s Event Calendar;

➥ on the webpage of the Information Centre of the EC in Bulgaria;

➥ on the website of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;

➥ by the Institute for Bulgarian Language;

➥ by the Department of Computational Linguistics;

➥ by the Bulgarian News Agency;

➥ on the website of Plovdiv University;

➥ on the website of the EU Project Integrating Electronic Forms of Distance Education;

➥ on the Web Motion’s webpage and Facebook page;

➥ on Identrics’s Twitter page and Facebook page and in a feature blog post on the company’s website;

➥ on the Data Science Society blog;

➥ on the Flarus website;

➥ on’s Science Forum.