CLIB will cover a broad spectrum of areas related to natural language processing, with a special focus on Bulgarian.



CLIB-2014 invites contributions on original research, including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • semantics, syntax, grammar and the lexicon;
  • cognitive, mathematical and computational models of language processing;
  • discourse and pragmatics;
  • lexical semantics and ontologies;
  • word segmentation, tagging and chunking;
  • syntactic and semantic parsing;
  • generation and summarisation;
  • resource-light language processing;
  • paraphrasing, textual entailment and question answering;
  • NLP applications, tools and language resources (speech recognition, text-to-speech and spoken language understanding and modelling; information retrieval and information extraction; sentiment analysis, opinion mining and social media; NLP from/for the Web);
  • statistical and machine learning methods;
  • multilingual processing and applications, machine translation and translation aids.

Papers describing research in theoretical computational linguistics are also solicited. At the same time, we encourage all authors to include analysis of the impact of theories on technologies, and/or contributions of technologies to the advancement of theory, where appropriate. In-depth analysis and discussion of errors made in the experiments described and the influence of linguistically-motivated features on the performance of the methods and/or models applied will receive additional credit toward the overall evaluation score.