One of DCL team’s major goals is to make the language resources developed by the Department available to the community and the general public. This page contains links to:


  • various monolingual and multilingual (parallel) corpora, pre-processed (tokenised, sentence-split) and annotated at one or more of the following linguistic levels – morpho-syntactic (POS and grammatical features tagging); syntactic (sentence and clause segmentation); semantic (sense annotation); annotation of multiword expressions and named entities, etc.;
  • various dictionaries, including general lexis and specialised dictionaries; morphological dictionaries of simple and compound words; frame dictionaries; frequency dictionaries, etc.;
  • a list of publications published by DCL members;
  • a description of the Bulgarian lexical-semantic network – the Bulgarian WordNet (BulNet), as well as to the webpage dedicated to it: //dcl.bas.bg/BulNet/wordnet_en.html.
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