General description

WinEst is a Bulgarian spelling checking for Microsoft Office. The program detects and highlights the misspelled words in a text and suggests the most probable replacement candidates, which are ordered according to their probability.

WinEst makes use of a proficiently compiled dictionary of over a million and a half words. It is based on the Electronic Grammar Dictionary of Bulgarian developed at the Department of Computational Linguistics, which totals over 85,000 head words.

The program integrates a logic for detection of careless mistakes (wrong keys pressed, swapped letters, skipped letters or inserted extra letters), identifies errors of ignorance, and integrates perfectly into the dictionaries used in Microsoft Office.

WinEst uses an extremely fast and effective method for searching and detecting the misspelled words regardless of the text size. The functionality of the product is implemented through the use of minimal acyclic deterministic automata and Levenshtein automata, which allow maximum speed, precision and coverage.


The main advantages of the program are:

  •  suggests candidates to correct the identified errors, which are ranked according to their probability;
  •  recognises the different types of spelling errors;
  •  covers the basic wordstock of Bulgarian;
  •  all the words in the dictionary have been verified by expert linguists;
  •  easy to install and uninstall, and no System restart is required.

System features

  • Programming language: C++;
  • Performance: Office 2007 (32-bit), Office 2010 (32-bit), Windows XP, Windows 7.


WinEst is a free-of-charge downloadable program.


You can download WinEst from //dcl.bas.bg/est.


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