Dr Svetla Koeva is a professor of Computational Linguistics and the head of the Department of Computational Linguistics at the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her research interests lie in the field of computational linguistics, formal description of language: morphology and syntax, lexical-semantic networks and ontologies. She is the principal investigator in the development of various language resources for Bulgarian such as: Bulgarian WordNet, Bulgarian National Corpus, text processing chain, etc.

Svetla Koeva has published 5 books and over 200 research publications. She has lead numerous research projects among which currently are: European Lexicographic Infrastructure (Bulgarian team), Multilingual Image Corpus (MIC 21), The ontology of the stative situations in the models of language, Curated Multilingual Language Resources for CEF.AT, Enriching the Semantic Network WordNet with Conceptual Frames. Since 2013 Svetla Koeva leads the project The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly! for promoting the study and research of the Bulgarian language. She also is the head of the National Competence Centre at the European Language Grid.

She served as the Director of the Institute for Bulgarian Language from 2012 until 2021. Currently she is the chair of the Research Council of the Institute for Bulgarian Language since 2021. Svetla Koeva is also the editor in chief of the Annual Papers of the Institute for Bulgarian Language and the weekly edition The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!.

Svetla Koeva has been awarded four prizes by the National Science Fund at the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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