Penny Labropoulou is a Principal Applications Researcher at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing/R.C. “Athena”, working mainly in the areas of:

  • metadata models for the documentation of language resources and technologies and cultural resources
  • infrastructures for sharing and exploiting language resources and language technologies,
  • licensing issues and legal metadata for language resources,
  • computational lexicography and lexicology (design and implementation of monolingual and multilingual computational lexica),
  • lexicography for human users (design and construction of pedagogical dictionaries),
  • corpus related activities (corpus design and linguistic annotation as well as corpus-based research),
  • computational terminology (automatic term extraction, construction of mono- and multilingual terminological thesauri for human users and computational systems).

She has authored several publications and has participated in various European and national R&D projects in these areas (European Language Grid, CLARIN-EL, QT-LaunchPad, T4ME, CLARIN-EL PREP, CLARIN, Exploitation of modern technologies for the promotion of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies Archives, Literary Parallels, POTHEG, INTERA, LEXIS, SIMPLE, LE-PAROLE, SOCRATES / DEMOSTEN, EPET ΙΙ / DIALOGOS, LINGUA / Greek – Danish Dictionary, PAROLE, RENOS, TRANSLEARN, NERC, STRIDE/LOGOS, and EUROTRA). She has also worked as lexicographer in the design and construction of multimedia and print dictionaries (indicatively: Dictionary of Modern Greek for high school children and Dictionary of Greek as a foreign language, in the framework of the Programme “Education of Muslim children”). She has taught Computational lexicography in the Postgraduate course “Lexicography theory and applications”, an Interdepartmental Course of the University of Athens. She has served as vice-president of the CLARIN Legal and Ethical Issues Committee (CLIC) from 2016 to 2020. In the period 1997 – 99 she was a member of the Board of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT), and from 1999 to 2007 a member of the Advisory Council. She holds an MSc in Machine Translation (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) and a BA in English Language and Linguistics (University of Athens).

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