Seven Interesting Applications of the Bulgarian National Corpus

On 16th May 2016, in auditorium 147 of the Main Building of Sofia University, within the framework of the Linguistic Seminar at the Bulgarian Language Department of the Faculty of Slavic Philology, Prof. Svetla Koeva, Dr Tsvetana Dimitrova, Dr Maria Todorova, and Dr Svetlozara Leseva from the Department of Computational Linguistics of the Institute for Bulgarian Language presented a lecture on Seven interesting applications of the Bulgarian National Corpus.

They introduced present students and PhD students to the application of BulNC in solving different research tasks, translators, students, teachers and specialists in methodology and in Bulgarian language training.


Some functionalities were shown integrated into the search system of BulNC with particular applications in theoretical and practical work: spelling of new words, word usage, etc.


Some advances of the BulNC were also demonstrated – automatic semantic annotation with senses from the lexical-semantic network WordNet, as well as its parallel subcorpora.


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