Seminar Translator 2018 for the EU Council Presidency


The seminar Translator 2018 will present the system Translator for the EU Council Presidency – a tool for machine translation specifically aimed at facilitating the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council in 2018.

The system Translator can be used in online applications for machine translation, available for various browsers and mobile apps, as well as desktop applications for computer-aided translation using the Translator add-on for SDL Trados Studio. The Translator implements the machine translation platform of the EU eTranslation. The system Translator is accessible on the web page of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council.

The seminar is organised by the Institute for Bulgarian Language and targets translators and employees in the field of public administration and PR:

  • they will be informed about the benefits of machine translation through neural networks which is one of the revolutionary methods in the field as it provides cleared and more understandable translations;
  • they will receive information about the efforts of the EU to build a shared European platform for machine translation (eTranslation) for the use of public administration and the general public;
  • they will receive practical knowledge of how to use the system Translator for faster and more efficient translations;
  • they will see a demonstration of the Translator add-on for SDL Trados Studio – system for computer-aided translation.

The seminar Translator 2018 is organised within the project “CEF Automated Translation for the EU Council Presidency” funded by the Connecting Europe Facility of the EU Commission, the Telecommunications Programme, 2016-EU-IA-0121 I.

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